Slovensko Snow in Brda
on Saturday, 16th February, 2013

    On the night from Monday, 11th to Tuesday, 12th February, 2013 fell in Brda 30 cm of snow. Snow drifts were up to a meter and a half thick.
    On Saturday, 16th February, 2013, snow cover was around 10 cm thick in snow drifts more than a meter.

    16th February, 2013 5 pictures,
three are 800 x 600 pixels in size,
    two panoramas are 9714 x 764 and 3611 x 1038 pixels in size.
    Processed with Hugin.
    Photo and (c) Daniel Rojšek, 2013.

Goranji konc at Šmartno

The First Picture Na Padratih at Šmartno

The Second Picture Na Padratih

From the Panoramic Platform Na Padratih

In front are Klanc of Šmartno, Zali Breg, Črtaže of Šmartno, valley of Strujnica and Imenje.
In the middle of the left side of this picture is Dobrovo, than valley of Reka and villages of Brda along hills.
Krminska gora, Lowlands of Friul, Dolomiti and Karnijske Alpe on the horizon.
Panorama consists of three images, with the focal length of 7.3 mm (41.3 mm equally to Leica format).

From Terrace of Zahišar Homestead

View to the northeast (house of of Vdrijanč, new hotel, Bale, Runk, valley of Birša and Gmajna at Kozana in the foreground).
On the second ridge are Kojsko, Snežatno, Hum, Števerjan and G. Cerovo (the last two villages are on SE horizon).
Menik with view tower, massif of the Sabotin hill, ridge Kuk-Skalnica and Trnovski gozd on the horizon.
Panorama consists of eight images, with the focal length of 11.8 mm (66.7 mm equally to Leica format).

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