Slovensko Snow in Brda

    Snow is in the Brda region rare phenomenon. Although it fell several times, even in large quantities in the last years.
    First title of this page was Winter Fairy Tale in Brda, because I prepared it before I have moved to Šmartno. On the night of Monday, 11th on Tuesday, 12th February, 2013, in the Brda fell 30 cm of snow, which caused severe problems in the region where the people are not used to. And problemes could not be quickly solved, as it happens in fairy tales. The Brda covered with snow are fairy beautiful, but only for that one, who observes them from a distance, so I renamed the page.
    Snow fallen five times in 2010th year, three times in the first months, twice in the last two. Till February 1013, the most snow of the last two decades fell on the night between Friday and Saturday, the 17th-18th December, 2010. Snow cover in the Brda was 15 cm thick, but on the top the Korada (Kobalar) hill there were 20 cm thick.
   Winter 2012/13 was even more generous with the amount and duration of snow cover, as of the 2010.
   Of course, the burja wind blew and created snow drifts.

  • Pictures of snow from 18th and 19th December, 2010
  • Pictures of snow from 16th February, 2013

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